Monday, August 16, 2010

From my backyard

Y'all know how much I love odd news. You know what's better than odd news? Odd news that happens in the county I live in! The following stories were reported in the Barrow Journal (my sarcastic replies thoughts are in italics):

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Man threatens men who got him out of jail

Two men contacted authorities after the man they bonded out of jail threatened them.

The men said they went to the Barrow County Detention Center to bond Randy Burton out of jail. Burton had been arrested after a fight which took place on July 28.

As soon as the paperwork was completed, Burton met the two men in the lobby of the jail.

According to the men, Burton said “I will kill you both and take a bat to you.”

The men said Burton continued to yell and said they would both “get what’s coming to you.”

Both men said they felt threatened by the comments.

Warrants were issued for Burton’s arrest.

1. You should have known he has anger issues since he was arrested for fighting.

2. Dude. You were in the lobby of the jail...hello? At least wait until you get home to threaten someone's life.

Bear found on deck, goat missing

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A man contacted the Sheriff’s Office after a close encounter with a bear.

The man said his dogs were acting “crazy,” so he opened the back door to let them go outside. When he opened the door, he noticed a black bear walking up his staircase to the back deck.

The man said he quickly closed the door.

The deputy found tracks in the back yard which appeared to have been made by a large animal. The deputy searched the property, but did not find the bear.

The complainant further advised that a neighbor’s goat had gone missing a few days earlier.

1. "He quickly closed the door." I'm right there with ya buddy!

2. A neighbor's goat had gone missing....mmm hmm, that was a hungry bear!

Red haired lady targets clothing store

A deputy was dispatched to a Loganville Highway clothing store in response to a complaint by a sales associate.

The sales associate said a red haired lady comes into the store on Fridays with her two small children.

The children are allowed to make a mess in the store while the red haired lady tries on clothes.
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The sales associate said sometimes the woman buys clothes, but often she does not. The associate said she has entered the dressing room several times after the red-haired woman has been there and found store security tags on top of the partition.

When asked why she had not called 911 before to report the shoplifting, the associate said it was against store policy to prosecute shoplifters.

The associate requested that a deputy occasionally walk through the store on Friday evenings.

1. Using your children as a distraction? That's either genius or insane. I'm voting for insane but I'm right on the fence...

2. It's against store policy to prosecute shoplifters??? I bet Target is super happy that that got published!

3. You should never trust a mysterious red haired lady...wait, my hair is red...but I'm not mysterious so I think I'm safe!

Have a great day everyone! 

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