Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Just an old lady's thoughts

Before I start this (one sided) conversation that we (me just talking to myself but doing it here so that you are forced to participate) are about to have, I'd like to state that the things I am going to say do not pertain to the youth of today in general (at least I hope they don't) but are, in fact, based on people I actually know.

I've noticed that there is a lot of unprotected sex going on these days. That's scary. Did we as adults not learn anything from our youth and the sometimes deadly diseases that are out there or did we just not think it was important to pass that information on to the younger generations? We should be teaching our children to value themselves and their bodies.

And what's with the attitudes? They act like they are so much better than everyone else. And God forbid you should ask them to do something a certain way. That is just unacceptable in their eyes. Do it and get ready to suffer the wrath. They can destroy the world in one look. Since when did it become acceptable to act so hateful in public? I'm not saying I'm perfect. Far from it. But 99% of the time I try to keep my attitude in check and only have my fits at home. Well....maybe 98% of time...I do have my moments.

Now let's talk about rules. Adults (most of them that I know) generally follow rules pretty well. Teens and twenty-somethings are a different story. It's like they don't believe the rules pertain to them. Have I just reached an age that I have resigned myself to being a rule follower and don't understand (or remember) being young and breaking the rules? No, I don't think that's it. I think that most of the people I know just truly don't care. They care about what they want. What makes them happy. Nothing else.

Which brings me to my next complaint: They have no consideration of other people. Did what you say hurt someone's feelings? Oh well, no big deal because I was just stating my opinion. If you don't like it then too bad. Did you inconvenience somebody by doing something? Oh well, no big deal because I did what I wanted and that made me happy. You should have been selfish too and done what you wanted instead of worrying about other people. 

*sighs* I could just go on and on but what's the point? We created these people. We are to blame. At least I know that my children aren't always guilty of these things. Not that they're perfect either. They've made their mistakes. They've had their moments too. But I'm proud to say that they learn from their mistakes. That they show respect to people and try not to be selfish. Most the time. 
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