Friday, March 14, 2014

Yes love, I shall return to you some day

The writer in me sometimes stays quiet for awhile. Then, some little bug in the back of my brain starts growing and making noise. I sometimes read back over things I wrote years ago and think, yes, that is what I'm supposed to do. Create scenes with words. And have people appreciate it for what it is.

Below is a post I wrote on my original blog in 2009. I've included the comments because they made me smile and that's what this is all about: Smiles.

One final comment before I share the post (because you know I can never shut up): This repost was inspired by my friend Robin on Facebook. Just wanted to share the love. On with the show....

From my seat

Amid the bustling bodies and scowling jaws
Bright and beautiful, shining through with its own light
Carefully I look at it, measuring its truth
Doubting that it’s real I look away
Each face I see is concentrating
Fighting over the days many chores in their minds
Green, blue, brown. The eyes streak past
Hurrying to the next appointment
I see them all from where I sit
Just a girl who studies people
Kings and peasants alike. They all have a story to tell
Long days spent running from place to place
Meetings and kids and dinner
Nights spent in fantasies and dreams
One day the work they do will allow them to live their dreams
Pleasant days will surely come
Quickly my eyes shoot to the left
Radiant light is again before me
Something whispers “Don’t look away”
The light fills my eyes and my heart
Ugly thoughts are swept away
Visions of kind acts take their place
Women, men and children living in harmony
Xanadu enters my mind at the sight of this wonder
You won’t believe what stood before me
Zombies!? No. It was a smiling face.
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10 of my friends had this to say..:

blueviolet said...
That was incredible. I could see everything you were seeing and saying. I really loved this!
Coco said...
You did an excellent job. Wow.

MyLinda said...
Great poem, you have talent!
CDB said...
Oh this is lovely! I really enjoyed this!
Charli and me said...
Wow! That is amazing Kathy. You did an excellent job :>)
pam said...
Very talented poet!!
Kristen said...
Wow, that is so good. I like it!
CJ said...
Great poem. I thought that prompt would be too difficult ---so I thought few would choose it, but every one I read was great.
Jenners said...
You really have some poetry skills here! This was great! I could see why you gravitated to this prompt! And I could not agree more with the sentiment!
Mama Kat said...
Wow!! I agree with everyone else, the detail you use makes me feel like I was right there with you. Smiling. :)

And great work with the letter X! This was excellent!

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