Thursday, January 30, 2014

15 Facts you can't live without knowing

1. It's extremely windy today and "It's a blustery day Winnie the Pooh" has flashed through my mind at least 100 times.

2. My dog has hiccups.

3. I am drinking water this morning instead of coffee. Some people might want to be scared.

4. I'm listening to my 70's music station on Pandora. Loudly.

5. I just realized my 19 year old son is asleep in the other room. Well, he can always put a pillow over his head...

6. I haven't checked my mail in about a week. Did you mail me something? Let me know so I can decide if it's worth the 20 feet I'll have to walk to get to the mailbox.

7. I'm dying to go on a motorcycle ride. Every nice day we have, I want to go...feel the wind. One of you should come take me for a ride. I'm just sayin'.

8. I miss the ocean terribly. Painfully. I need to see it. I need to feel it. I need the waves... I need the sand.... I need to go.

9. "It's a blustery day Winnie the Pooh" just went through my head again.

10. My dog still has hiccups.

11. I have a lil Cyclops sitting on top of a miniature Coca-Cola glass on my desk and it's looking at me. I kind of like it.

12. I'm positive that I'm taking over the world one person at a time.

13. Cows are awesome. I love them. They are beautiful. And they taste good.

14. Birds are evil. I hate them. They are pretty (some of them) but they are mean. Some of them taste good though...

15. My dog still has hiccups. Oh, and yes, "It's a blustery day Winnie the Pooh".

Have a great day world.
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