Monday, September 27, 2010

Where am I?

I'm the type of driver that needs to know where I'm at on the road, how long I'm going to be on that road, where I need to turn and how far away my destination is from where I'm at that moment. In other words, I'm a GPS manufacturers dream.  

Don't know what a GPS is? Don't worry, I don't think you're alone. Before I got mine I knew what they did but only a little bit. 

GPS stands for Global Positioning System and there are tons of different kinds out there. The one I have is a Garmin-Nuvi 255w and it rocks! It's mounted on my dash just below my radio so it doesn't affect my line of sight and it talks to me so I don't have to concentrate on it while I'm driving. The screen is easy to see and it's easy to use. 

Before I start driving, I put in the address of my destination and it does all the work for me. It really came in handy the other day when I went to a bridal shower. I was following my sister in law and she thought she knew the way but we ended up lost. I put the address in and it took me right to the was awesome!

And here's a fun little bonus, you can go to the Garmin website and download different voices and vehicles directly to your device! We downloaded a hearse and a skeleton hand with a mad scientist voice for Halloween, a turkey for Thanksgiving and a rocket sled with a snowman voice for Christmas. So far the Halloween voice has been a crack up. On my way home from the shower, I was on a long road and it told me "You drive as if your life depends on it and you should. Bwahahaha". LOL It was super funny and made my trip home alone more fun!

You can also touch the "Where Am I?" button on the screen and it will tell you exactly where you are, where the closest intersection is, where the closest hospital is and the closest police station. It's very handy.

You want one don't you. I know you do. Well get you one! You can get it for right around a hundred bucks. That's completely worth my peace of mind. How about yours? 

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