Saturday, May 22, 2010

I don't see how it could work

Hey guys! Just a short note before I get into what I want to talk to you about today. I realize not everyone that visits me here visits me on my Happy At Home blog aka my me blog, so you wouldn't know what my blogging plans have come to be.

I've decided that I am only able to blog once a week for the time being. Well, actually twice a week but the first bit of time I have available I've designated as reading time. So I will be by to read your blogs on Friday's and I will be here to write my blogs on Saturday's. Once I get more time I'll be able to go back to my regular reading everyday, writing everyday schedule but for now that's just impossible.

Ok, enough rambling. On to what I wanted to talk about.

Did you read the story about the candidate that wants to replace Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor of California and the crazy idea that he has?

Douglas R. Hughes says that if he's elected governor he wants to rid society of pedophiles. That's a great thing by itself but it's how he wants to do it that I find crazy. He wants to set up an island and put them all on it. He even has a name for it, Pedophile Island. 

He says pedophiles and sex offenders have three options: life in prison, get out of California and never return or live on Pedophile Island with other people of their kind. 

He even has a type of society in mind to set up for them...

The first pedophiles sent to the island will be "a lead team" made up of pedophile police, pedophile fire personnel, pedophile judges, and pedophile forest rangers, among others. They will create what he calls the island's "master plan," which will include building a city hall, medical facility and other needs for the community. 

They will also write the Pedophile Island Constitution.
He has a website all set up that goes into detail of his plans if he is elected. The header says "Why I Need Your Vote. Pedophile Removal Stops Child Rape. My Promise To The People Of California."

Here are my issues with his idea..

Does he believe that only men molest and rape our children? I hate to tell him that there are women guilty of this horrible crime too. So does he want it to be a coed society?

If he does, is he going to require that everyone sent to the island be sterilized so that they can no longer have children? If they are able to have children they will and then what does he want to do with the children born on the island? Leave them there to become victims or put them into an already overwhelmed system that can't find homes for the thousands of children currently up for adoption?

It's an island not a prison. How does he expect to keep the people there? People brave the ocean everyday to get to the United States. What's to stop someone from swimming back to California?

He wants to give them the option of leaving California forever. Well gee thanks Mr. Hughes. I guess California is the only state you care about. Just send them around to the other states and let us deal with them. We obviously don't matter to you. I hope your political aspirations don't reach beyond California otherwise you may be pretty unpopular after this.

Your site says that you will set up the island to be completely self sufficient including farming to provide food. So does that mean that you'll be providing the weapons necessary to kill the animals they're supposed to eat? How about kitchen utensils needed to cook the food such as knives? Do you think that a group of people, of armed people, no, make that armed mentally ill people, can't get together and decide that they want to come back and punish people for the way they've been exiled? I bet they could. History tells us that people have fought with much less. Fought and killed. There's a great idea. Arm them and keep them 22 miles off the coast of California.

I just don't believe this idea is very well thought out and I doubt very seriously that it could ever work. I could be wrong. I have been before but I just don't think I am. What do YOU think?

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